Best Hoverboard Review 2016

One of the hottest and the fun-packed gadgets that are rolling across the world nowadays is the electric hoverboard or simply the self-balancing scooter. There hasn’t been much time that we learned about such a product and now we come across many guys on the roads riding their hoverbaords. There are some rumors and there are some facts that pose danger while handling, controlling and riding a hoverboard. You must have heard about the hoverboards exploding or catching fire. Yeah, this is true as the first versions of this gadget posed such dangers and this is the reason why they had disappeared at once from the markets after such news spread. Even governments had to take a step to ban them.

If you’re still interested in enjoying a perfect hoverboard ride, you are good to go with the latest models which are quite safer and offer more adventurous tours. They don’t catch fires anymore. There are different price ranges depending on the product model, brand, features, etc. Let us help you out what self-balancing scooter or electric hoverboard is right for you by reviewing them. You should be ready to take a look at the factors that determine the reliability of the best hoverboards.

Factors to Consider While Reviewing a Hoverboard

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration while you are going to have the best hoverboard review. For a professional review, you should ride the ones shortlisted and check their performances and features but this isn’t possible for everyone. Here we go and check out the most important factors to check with.

 Safety of Self-Balancing Scooters

This is the most important factor as there have been many damages and injuries associated with the use of the hoverboards. You should check if the electric hoverboard has a safety hood that safeguards you against any hurdles in case of accidents. They should never catch fire of course. The models with possibilities of exploding on the road can be dangerous for life as well. In order to ensure the safety, the battery of the hoverboard should have passed the UL Certification.

Stability and Control of the Electric Hoverboards

The next thing to consider is the stability. Most of the low quality and cheap self-balancing scooters don’t do well with this and start vibrating within the first minutes of starts and riding on or off them becomes a hassle. Once you place your first foot on it and the other is still on the ground, it might start losing control and you may encounter problems while riding it. On a cracked terrain, this comes out to be a more risky thing.

Shape of Electric Hoverboards

Hoverboards from different companies might sound alike as all of them have almost the same things to show. They have wheels, footpads, hoods, etc. and you might find them from the same manufacturer unless you look at the manufacturer labels. They differentiate their products with different color schemes and weight. The weight might range from 15 to 25 pounds that makes these gadgets quite heavier. In fact, it is all about your likes and preferences what hoverboard sounds good to you.

Tips to Stay Safe with a Hoverboard

Hoverboards went on to be the most popular gift on this holiday season. However if you care enough to search for these boards, you won’t be pleased with the results. Yes, most searches related to hoverboards are related to their fire. So the question that pops up here is how you can find a safe hoverboard?

The story is building up; testing is highlighting more safety concerns with plug, battery, cabling, charger and even cutoff switch on the board. According to reputed manufacturers, small companies are stepping up into this game. To make themselves competitive, they buy cheap parts from themarket and sell the toy at relatively low price, thus endangering people.  As a safety measure, the potential clients are not only advised to buy from a reputed brand but also from a reputed seller.  Following are a few other add on to such claims:

  • Hoverboards which catch fire come with the cheapest batteries available. Therefore, it is important for the buyers to inquire about the quality of batteries before they hand out their money
  • Check the consumer reviews along with asocial profile of vendors whom you want to purchase from. People who had less pleasing experience will be voicing out for their opinion loud in here
  • As a consumer, you also need to keep an eye out for who has been named in the media, if your respective distributor is not getting much attention, the chances are that he is not well reputed

As for potential clients of Hoverboard who have been around lithium battering fire, they need to act on these tips:

  • Never leave the charging device unattended
  • Avoid charging your device at night
  • Never put charging near any flammable objects. Even a small lithium battery can turn a wooden table or piece of furniture in blazing conflagration
  • Never modify batteries in an attempt to juice them up
  • Use the charger properly, don’t use a cheap charger as they are the key to a disaster
  • If the product with rechargeable batteries shows any visible sign of damage, overheating or even swelling, you better get rid of it because these warning signs can never be ignored

In case you face a burning lithium battery, you should care for the following steps:

  • Never throw water on fire, it will make things even worse, only use Class D dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Never breathe in fumes
  • Try to call help if you don’t know how to control the flames
  • Stay safe!

Tips for Staying Safe While Using a Hoverboard

If you suspect that you paid for a cheap and poor quality hoverboard, you should return it and get a refund

  • If possible, charge the board outdoors
  • Store and charge the hoverboard on non-flammable surface
  • Keep close to a fire extinguisher just in case
  • Don’t modify the board to make it more powerful
  • Avoid using damaged lithium polymer batteries because these are prone to fire
  • If you smell burning or see smoke coming out of your board, stop using it immediately
  • If your board is on fire, use a fire extinguisher instead of water

Things to Consider before You Buy the Best Hoverboard

After pocketing a huge success, rumors and bad news popped out and all of a sudden all of the electric hoverboards just vanished from the markets. All owed to the accidents, injuries and other problems associated with using self-balancing scooters, almost all of the hoverboard retailers stopped selling and showcasing their self-balancing products for the security and safety concerns. Anyways, things are getting under hold and electric hoverboard manufacturers are taking all notes to integrate safety and security into their products.

The Best Self-Balancing Scooters: What to Look for?

Hoverboards have woven the longstanding dreams of many enthusiasts around the world. Right after the self-balancing scooters were launched, they became hot cakes for the adventurers. Well, not every hoverboard is suited to everyone.  Well before you place an order online or go for an offline purchase of electric hoverboard, you should take a look at some of the important considerations. Let’s take a sneak peek at what you should take into your account well before you receive one at your doorstep.

Price of a Good Hoverboard

For the most of the buyers, the first thing to consider is the budget they have to buy the best slef-balancing scooter. As this is going to be the first trial, you don’t want to spend more. Have you already tried one and loved it? You might be ready to pay more for a particular brand. The price of a hoverboard depends on the features it offers and the brand name attached to it.

Features of the Best Hoverboard to Buy

Features are the most important things as you want to try new things with this new thing in the market. You would have experienced slower hoverboards with speeds up to 8km/h but now you have options with the speeds as high as 20km/h. How does that sound? Things turned wrong with the first versions of the products as they lacked a foolproof navigation system. You certainly can’t go without it. Better controls with sophisticated balancing navigations assure your safety all the way on adventure ride.

Shape and Appearance of the Hoverboard

Out of many self-balancing scooters showcased in the store, you get to buy one that looks the best among all. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. This is where there are different types of hoverboards with different color schemes and shapes. There are hoverboards with hoods now that also ensure your safety in case of any accidents.

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